Chasing Holiness

by Stacey Weeks
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We All Chase Something


It might be a degree or career, a husband and family, the approval of man, or a perception of social success.


We long to pursue the things that matter, we long to chase the Lord, but we are weary. What would happen if we redirected our energy toward developing the character traits and disciplines that Christ calls us to pursue? What if we sought ways to increase our endurance and strengthen our faith? What if we stopped aimlessly running and instead chased the disciplines that would earn the prize that mattered?


Chasing Holiness challenges the status quo level of Christian living accepted for far too long by many women today. It’s about teaching stubborn hearts through the discipline of seeking God to remain focused on Him. It examines what it means to live by the power of God and believe Him when He calls us a daughter, chosen, holy, and redeemed. It encourages women to cultivate a lifestyle in keeping with who we really are in Christ. It’s an acknowledgment that many of us long to fix our eyes on Jesus and push toward the finish line, but we don’t know where to start.


Chasing Holiness is about finding out together.​​​