Christmas Under Wraps

by Fay Lamb
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Could this Christmas Really Offer a Miracle?


If the mayor, the county sheriff, and the pretty school teacher can’t keep him out of prison, his nephew might face a worse fate.


English professor, Christian Abrams has thrown his career away to protect his young nephew, Dylan, from the unjust system in which he and his sister had been trapped. With his wallet almost empty, Christian spots an exit for the Florida Everglades town of Mullet Harbor. The town's motto, "where you'll always find a Friend," draws him. He only needed a job for a couple of days and didn't expect to actually find people who might be willing to help.


Kaylee McFarland, Mullet Harbor's new teacher, spots the pair as their truck runs out of the last drop of gas. The quirky citizens of Mullet Harbor had wrapped their arms around her when she escaped her over-controlling mother in New England. They would certainly reach out to help this precious little boy and the intelligent and handsome man who tells her she's beautiful.

Not only will helping the pair put everyone in town in jeopardy, it will also put Kaylee's heart in danger of falling in love with both the child and his companion. 


A Florida swamp, a flip-flop wearing mayor, a Cajun sheriff, a renegade FBI agent, a beautiful blonde, and an alligator: they can’t really be the answer to his prayers, can they?