To have the best idea of what your manuscript needs next, send Marji Laine a few pages, up to ten, and let her rate your writing. She will suggest specific things that you can consider as your next steps to publication and how Faith Driven Book Production Services might be able to help you. Please complete the questionnaire below and fill in "free overview" on the type of service line. Marji will contact you with information on how to share your manuscript pages for your free overview. 


If you want a more extensive perusal of your book, we can provide that for you as well. With a decade of experience in the industry, Marji Laine can give you a professional evaluation of your manuscript with in-depth notes, editing, and suggestions and provide a detailed phone consultation with you, focused on your project and the best way to put it into the hands of readers.  Please fill out the questionnaire below and fill in "evaluation-consultation" on the "type of service" line. Marji will contact you with the details of this service and how to share your manuscript. 

Thanks! An associate from Faith Driven Book Production Service will contact you shortly.

Faith Driven Book Production Service operates under the parent company of Write Integrity Press and maintains the standards of clean, wholesome, and uplifting that the parent company stands by. This standard means that books have no profanity, no use of “God” as an expletive, no sex scenes, no implied sex between singles, no reference to nudity, no implied same-gender romance, and no "current, on-stage" drunkenness or drug use by the main characters, no horror elements such as demons or gore, and no explicit violence. By insisting on this standard, more readers are apt to pick up books by unknown authors because they know what to expect from our press. Your application verifies that your book does not include any of these items. Should any of them be found, your business with Faith Driven will be immediately concluded. 

Should your project be chosen for Faith Driven Book Production Services, you can expect the following:

  • Regardless of the package you purchase, you will need to submit some items in addition to your manuscript:

    • 7-10 keywords, words that you would use to search for a book like yours on Amazon.

    • 10 (or so) short phrases about the elements of your book. Maybe altogether, they would comprise a back cover blurb, but separately they work as teasers for your book. (LAUNCH package only.)

    • A 100-word (or less) author biography for distributor information including hometown and any other details you might want included in a press release. 

    • Front matter for your book such as Acknowledgments and Dedication

    • Back matter for your book such as Author bio, other books by the author, discussion questions, and/or a note from the author.

    • A 2-paragraph, less than 250-word blurb for your book's back cover. If you purchase our LAUNCH package, this blurb will be adjusted by our editorial staff to make it stand out in your genre unless you want it used exactly as you turn it in.

    • Specifications for your cover - completion of a short questionnaire. 

  • Your book will be formatted according to currently accepted styles using the manuscript you submit, as is. No proofreading is included; however, you can arrange for editing services, should you choose.

  • Either package includes three sample covers according to your specifications, two email discussions, and one adjustment of your chosen sample. Extra samples or adjustments will incur extra fees as they require extra hours from our cover artists.

  • If you purchase the LAUNCH package, your video will last at least 60 seconds but not more than 119 seconds and will play wide to facilitate you adding it to Facebook, blogs, websites, or other social media. 

  • If you purchase the LAUNCH package, your blog tour is subject to availability with Celebrate Lit and must fit into their schedule. The tour requires you to write a blog article and offer a prize for a giveaway that the company will set up for you. You will receive copies of all the reviews from your blog tour to use as quotes on your website or recommendations for future books if you are writing a series. 

  • Upon completion of your book's preparation, Faith Driven will coach you as you set up an Independent Author account on Amazon. Be advised that this account must have your tax information and be connected to your regular Amazon account, so you need to be the one to create it. However, Faith Driven will step alongside you for a two-hour consultation in setting up your paperback and your e-book as well as surveying your options on Amazon and how to work with Kindle Direct Press.