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Dena Netherton


Dena Netherton was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Living in a musical family, She was blessed to study with great piano and voice teachers and given many opportunities to perform both in church settings and professional secular venues.

Although Dena wrestled with whether to study music or to study writing, her relatives counseled her to "live life first, then write about it." Looking back, she's glad she studied music, and taught and performed music first until all her three children were grown and out of the house. There's nothing that compares with a life of loving a husband and children, pouring ones life into helping little hands and voices sing praises to their Heavenly Father, linking arms and "doing life together," as her husband likes to say.

Now a retired teacher, she enjoys sitting in her office and imagining her literary characters--usually the musical ones-- jumping up and down, doing pillow fights, while squealing, "Me! Write about me next!"

Recently, a new adventure has called Dena and her husband, Bruce, from the Colorado Rockies to the wet and misty forests along the San Juan Islands in Washington state. So don't be surprised if some of the towns in her newer novels bear some resemblance to actual towns around Seattle.

Dena's biggest prayer as a writer is that God speaks a word of comfort or encouragement to you through her words. And her goal is that her stories are compelling enough to keep you up all night.


Find Dena on her website:

Dena talks about publishing options on 

Publishing Laine Radio Show

(Along Comes a Writer Network). April, 2017

The Hunted Series

Sometimes you flee danger.

Sometimes you stand and fight.​

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