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Ready to Get Published

Faith-Driven Fiction is blessed with brilliant editors who have worked on numerous books released by Write Integrity Press.


Different books require different types of editing, from a final read-through to a challenging content edit.


  • Proof-read - this is the final polish edit, checking on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It can usually be completed within three weeks and will cost a half-cent per word. 

  • Copy-edit - this edit, also called line edits, will check word choice and sentence structure as well as simple proof-reading. This type of edit can take up to three weeks and costs one cent per word.

  • Content edit - this is the most in-depth. This edit seeks to help the author question the elements of the book for

consistency of plot and character, realistic reactions and plot points, and avoiding the pitfalls common to many unsuccessful manuscripts. This type of edit can take up to four weeks. It does not necessarily include a full copy-edit. At the very least, a proof-read is recommended following this edit as many things will likely change in the manuscript and need to be rechecked. This edit requires a unique skill set and is time intensive. While the average cost will be close to two and a half cents per word, several pages of the manuscript will be evaluated before a final per page cost can be determined.


Faith-Driven Fiction recommends that all authors seek some sort of critique or content edit on their work before publication. Books will be screened before being assigned to editors. Not all manuscripts can be accepted due to scheduling issues or extensive needs beyond typical editorial expectations. 


If you're interested in any type of edit, please fill out the Request Information form.

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