Haven's Fire

by Dena Netherton
nd h3 Haven's Fire.jpg
Feel the Fear - Savor the Romance


Haven may have escaped the stalking madman bent on possessing her, but who will help the others that fall into his clutches?

When Dade re-emerges from the wilderness and settles in Seattle, intent on establishing a powerful cult following, Haven, Petter, and Jesse must protect their new friend, Thea, from his evil plans.

Haven Ellingson has been stalked, kidnapped, and beaten by Dade. After her escape, he continued to torment her through threats and constant pursuit. Again she was able to break free, thinking the man had finally perished.

But he’s back, now intent on destroying the life of another young woman and countless, misguided followers. 

And Haven is having none of it.

Sometimes you hide from your attacker; sometimes you stand and fight.