Laramie on the Lam

Series: 2nd Edition

Middle-Grade Action/Adventure


By Deborah Dee Harper


$7.99 paperback

5 x 8

120 pages





Releases: May-June 2018

Laramie on the Lam Series
by Deborah Dee Harper
Releases May and June 2018​
Boy on the Run


Available: May and June 2018


The LARAMIE ON THE LAM series teaches youngsters:

  • The importance and value of depending on their parents, and the joys of visiting interesting, historic, and scenic places around our country.

  • How to get along with others—even if an "other" is an enemy.

  • The comfort of knowing God is always watching over.


Laramie Wyoming is not a typical 11-year-old boy—unless typical is being chased by bank robbers all across America!


Eleven-year-old Laramie Wyoming thought he was being polite by holding the door for the men coming out of the bank. But when one of them slips $30,000 into Laramie’s backpack, his world begins to spin out of control.


To make matters worse, Laramie’s family decides to buy a motorhome and travel the country for the next year so his mom can gather research for her travel books. That part sounds like fun, but Laramie is stunned to find out his parents are taking in Prentiss Williams, Laramie’s worst enemy and the meanest kid in school, as a foster child. A year in a motorhome with Prentiss Williams? What were his parents thinking? Laramie would be black and blue the entire year. How will he survive?​

The thieves are determined to get that $30,000 back. Even though the money is reported to the police and no longer in Laramie’s possession, the robbers want their loot and will go to any lengths to retrieve it even chasing Laramie, his little sister Cheyenne, Prentiss, and Laramie’s parents all across the United States to get it.


The boys visit and explore Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown, Michigan’s Lake Superior, the Alcan Highway that runs through Canada’s Yukon Territory to Alaska, back to Kentucky for the holidays, and then back up to Alaska—and they’re chased the whole way (but have some mysterious help). Read how Laramie and Prentiss outwit, outrun, and battle it out with the thieves during their tumultuous year while learning interesting, historical and just plain cool facts about each location along the way.


There are study questions at the end of each book.