Though Lisa Mayer was born and raised Catholic Christian, she did not value a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In fact, she was afraid of Him, and viewed Him as vengeful instead of loving. But even as she continued to run from Jesus, He was always right there with her, guiding her through the people in her life.


Her parents made sure that she went to Church and got involved in religious education. By being there every Sunday, God’s grace began to do its work. As a freshman in high school, her parish priest looked upon a picture of Jesus and stated, “I love Him very much.” Then, she had a sister and good friends who also had a deep love of Christ. Through all this, Lisa began to love Jesus.


In 2005, Lisa went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe. From that moment, she would read and watch every Narnia book or movie, read books by or about C.S. Lewis, and come to understand what it means to know Jesus better here after knowing Aslan in Narnia.

In 2007, she started dating Rich, the man who would become her husband in 2013. Rich taught her that Jesus is not only loving, but merciful, by asking one simple question, “Do you think a God who died for us would send suffering to punish us?” That question changed Lisa’s life for the better, and has helped shape who she is today, and her relationship with Jesus Christ.


Lisa recognizes, far better than most, the power of words. She also understands that what people need to know about Jesus is that His love is unconditional, His mercy is unending… and that there are no lengths to how far He’ll go to save His people. After all, Lisa had a heart of stone. And Jesus did not give up on her. It took years, but Christ has done the impossible: Lisa is no longer running from Him. Instead, she is running to Him.


In the end, the truth was that Jesus melted Lisa’s hard heart through words. Now, she hopes to use her words to do the same for others.



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