Asking the Unthinkable?


Available: April 2018

In Loving Brock, the reader will see that God allows trials

  • To strengthen faith

  • To accomplish His will

  • To test commitment

  • To prove He is capable of doing exceedingly, abundantly, above all that is asked or imagined


For years, Brock Whitfield served God with joy and contentment at the mission hospital he founded in Angola.

When Joy Stockman joined their team as a surgical assistant, he found a woman whose zeal for God and heart for people equaled and in many ways surpassed his own. Before he knew it, his admiration and respect for her blossomed into love. After years of serving alone, Brock began to hope that God was giving him another chance to love and be loved in return.​

Loving Brock

Book 3 of the Redeemed Side

           of Broken Series


Contemporary Women’s Fiction and Romance


By Joan Deneve





440 pages

5.5 x 8.5




A crisis arose within the family causing Brock to put his personal plans on hold. As he prayed for guidance, Brock’s faith and obedience were put to the ultimate test as God brings the perfect person into his life and then asks him to give her up.

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