One Leaf Too Many

by Julie B Cosgrove
cj One Leaf Too Many.jpg
Seeking Truth May Do Relative Harm!


A family secret. A curious daughter. A political time bomb.

When tragedy tears a family apart, what can repair the rift?

Bailey Edwards knows very little about her relatives, other than a few details about her grandparents' tragic car wreck in 1969. Their deaths traumatized her teenaged mother and three uncles, so Bailey always assumed it tore the siblings apart.

As she delves into her genealogy, she begins to suspect something else caused the rift, especially when she finds faded photos of a mystery girl tucked behind others in her grandmother’s photo albums. A crusader at heart, Bailey sets out to mend fences at any cost while dragging her two closest friends, Jessica and Shannon, into the drama.

But as they seek to discover why Bailey’s relatives became distant, they run into closed doors a powerful political family wants to keep shut, particularly when it comes to the cause of her grandparents’ accident fifty years before.

Will she overturn one leaf too many on her family tree?