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THE VISITOR is a hit!

The reviews are beginning to come in on THE VISITOR MAKES A RETREAT, book one of The Visitor Mysteries series. Julie B Cosgrove enjoys a 4.7 ranking for her tight little mystery set in the hill country of Texas.

Here's what an Amazon verified purchaser has to say, "Written in the point of view of Izzy, the spunky personal companion of Connie Wright's aunt, this is a fun read, fast moving and well written. Loved the theme of equine therapy for special needs children, and it was interesting and informative on that perspective alone. However, during a fundraising retreat, a crime is committed. See if YOU can figure out who the perp is!"

And another Amazon verified purchaser and fan on Goodreads said, "Izzy, the caregiver for Miss Fanny, calls herself a shadow because people don't notice her. But Izzy notices people, and she's a talented sleuth. This short read is entertaining, and you will hope Izzy has another adventure soon."

One other fan on Goodreads agreed, "Everybody has a grudge against Vernon A. Roberts, a wealthy lawyer. When he is poisoned at a fundraiser on a ranch, nearly everyone becomes a suspect. Izzy, a caretaker for the elderly Miss Fanny, is alarmed by the conversations she overhears pertaining to Mr. Roberts. Izzy becomes a brave amateur detective and truly won my heart."

You can find THE VISITOR MAKES A RETREAT in paperback and ebook on Amazon at THIS LINK.

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