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Stacey Weeks

My primary ministry in life crowds around my dining room table like a ravenous herd every night. My husband and children are both my greatest blessing and greatest ministry opportunity. Caring for them is a privilege bestowed upon me as wife and mother.


I believe God simultaneously called Kevin and me into ministry. Kevin’s calling was clear – he is a pastor. I, on the other hand, took years to recognize the specific areas in which I was equipped and called serve. I believe that God has called me to meet Kevin’s needs, to meet the needs of our children, and to serve Him personally.


God has called me to serve Kevin to free him to provide for the church and God’s people. God has called me to serve our children and care for their needs in such a way that they will grow to know and desire to serve our Lord and Saviour. To produce this kind of fruit in my children’s lives, I must remain positive and excited about my own relationship with the Lord and about my personal areas of service. In no way should my interests or expectations from others overtake our children in importance.


There is precious little time leftover after filling the two primary service roles to which God has called me. As a result, I choose my areas of personal service carefully and I refuse ministry requests that threaten to cloud my focus on Kevin and our children. I consider writing and speaking an area of personal service.​

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