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How do a bride-to-be,
                              a retired principal,
                                                     and a group of teenage volunteers add up to murder?

Connie B. Wright is in the thick of it this time!

Mackenzie Chastain is the spitting image of her Aunt Connie, and she's delighted that the Wright Foundation has agreed to host a huge event in support of Archway Kids. She has a special passion for the charity that has become her career path. Not to mention the handsome director who will soon become her husband.

When the grand gala is interrupted by murder, though, Aunt Connie is the one who is led away to jail. Mac doesn't have her aunt's clue-driven investigative skills, but her loved ones are being scrutinized and blamed for the crime, one after the other. She must dig into the past of this man who seems to be an almost perfect stranger to all of them.

Or is he?

Match wits with The Visitor to reveal the path of a calculating killer.


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The Visitor Catches a Bouquet.


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