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Andrea Thom

Andrea is a wife, mom to three great kids, a therapist, and a writer. She’s the parent on the sidelines yelling a little too loud for the home team, but also loves to curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea on a rainy day … or any day. She loves family and friends – the whole messy lot of them. She loves unexpected belly laughs. Putting on warm clothes straight from the dryer. The colour blue. Efficiency. Reason. Tidy cupboards. Easter. Quietly gleaning through scripture’s pages at night before exhaustion folds her into her pillow.

She wants to be consumed with what she'll be enjoying forever - Jesus. That’s why she loves God’s word so much. Jesus is the only trustworthy One to offer real hope and redemption for our eternal futures and everyday realities. She believes that training up biblical wisdom is essential, doable and awesome because it’s not the words themselves that

we pursue but the One whom the words reveal. She's an advocate of gospel-focused resources that seek to discover and enjoy the One who revealed Himself to us.

Andrea previously managed rehabilitation teams across one of the largest, culturally diverse regions. She was an educator, mentor, and clinician of therapeutic practice across a broad spectrum of mental, emotional, neurological, and physical health challenges. She has a Masters of Science degree and studied the Women’s Ministry Simeon Trust bible teaching curriculum. Her writing has been recognized by two separate national and international writing awards that sought to identify today’s best upcoming Christian writers. She is a speaking contributor at HopeStreamRadio, and a writing contributor for The Gospel Coalition Canada. You can follow her at  LOVE the Word  |  LIVE the Word.

ta hrbs1 Ruth.jpg

An in-depth, gospel-centered Bible study on how Christ redeems even the worst forms of darkness lurking within and around us.

RUTH: Redeeming The Darkness uses God`s truth to touch our daily realities:

  • Fractured relationships

  • Processing feelings of bitterness, confusion, and doubt

  • All-in Christianity

  • Our response to the faithfulness and sovereignty of God

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