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Submissions are closed at this time.

Authors wishing to submit fiction manuscripts should email proposals in the format that follows to (Please also see the Submissions tab for further information!)


Write Integrity Press fiction accepts manuscripts for clean and wholesome books—without curse words or bedroom scenes—preferably with a thread of Christian faith. No other religion should be encouraged.

We publish: ​​

  • Mystery and Suspense, usually with romance

  • Romance and Heartwarming Women's Fiction

  • Speculative (with a strong allegorical Christian message)

  • Young/New Adult or Middle-Grade Action & Adventure


We do not publish biographical fiction or historical fiction.

While we will consider stand-alone books, we prefer series. 

Fiction manuscripts should be 60,000-80,000 words. Young adult books should have a maximum of 60,000 words, and middle-grade readers should top out at 45,000 words. 

For FICTION proposals, please submit the following as one attachment on an email:

  • A short bio.

  • Pitch - 26 words or less.

  • Long blurb - 150 words or less.

  • Full synopsis with ending included.

  • The FIRST three chapters AND the LAST chapter. 

  • Marketing proposal - Describe your current audience and how you reach them. How do you plan to broaden that audience?

  • Market comparison - What other recent releases are similar to your manuscript and how is your story different?


Email your proposal to Write Integrity Press. Put "Fiction Proposal" along with your book title in the subject line.


Check the basic submission requirements:

In your original e-mail to us, please include a brief cover letter in the body of the e-mail, to introduce yourself and your book. If you have a vision for your book (where you could promote it, or how it will reach others, or touch lives), share that with us too. Please let us know the genre and full word count if the manuscript is complete, or an estimated word count and when you expect to complete your manuscript. All of this goes in the body of your email.


Please follow industry-standard formatting. This means your manuscript:

  • Pages should have 1" margins on all sides.

  • Lines should be double-spaced.

  • Font should be Times New Roman, size 12.

  • Uses black ink only - do not use color fonts.


We will try to reply promptly to all submissions, but please allow up to 90 days to hear from us. If you haven't heard from us by that time, please send a brief e-mail inquiry.

Do NOT send full manuscripts unless we request them. Send your sample chapters and marketing proposal as one ATTACHMENT in an email to the acquisitions editor. 

Find out our Senior Editor's best advice on the proposal process HERE!

* Please keep in mind that our motto is "wholesome, inspiring, uplifting."

** Hard copy or mailed submissions will not be acknowledged or returned. All submissions must be sent by e-mail. No exceptions.

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