Independent Author Packages

The following are the available packages. The schedule fills up quickly and very few openings are available for the current year. Please click on the boxes or buttons to learn more about each package. 

If you're unsure about your next step, no problem. We offer a free overview of your project, rating various aspects according to the publishing climate and making suggestions for the next steps in your process. You can also opt to have an extensive evaluation of your project to avoid publishing a book that isn't quite ready. Please click the link for more details.

Release Package 


For E-book and Paperback

Get set up as an independent author and stay in control of your project!

​This is the package to use for putting out your story. It is offered specifically for the single-book author wanting to use the book to promote a speaking career, for special events, or simply to make it available to friend and family. 

  • Collect Full Royalties on your book sales.

  • Control your book's prices as well as periodic deals.

  • Order paperback copies of your book at distribution cost. 

  • Retain full ownership of your book including your cover.

  • Have your completed and edited book professionally formatted for e-book and paperback.

  • Choose from several cover options specially made according to your inspiration with professional suggestions based on the current trends. Once a cover "mock-up" has been chosen, the cover will be adjusted to the best of our designer's ability to match your vision.

  • Get personal assistance in walking through the process to create your own KDP author account and submitting your book for publication. This includes help with keywords, categories, and preview teasers, as well as pricing suggestions and other hints and tips.

  • Receive a professional information page for reviewers, press releases, and marketing opportunities.

Launch Package 


For E-book and Paperback with Marketing Elements

Become an independent author and also build your audience, initiating or expanding your media presence.

This is the package for an author with a multi-book series or one wishing to build a career. All of the items shown in the Release Package are included plus marketing elements that will increase the visibility of your book, garner reviews, and open new audiences to your work. You will receive:

  • Memes made especially for social media, such as Facebook, that can be used and shared.

  • A promotional video for your book, up to 2 minutes long, that can be added to posts or headers on social media sites.

  • Tweets for your books for you and supporters to use.

  • A Celebration Blog Tour with at least 14 stops through Celebrate Lit Publicity Group.

Write Integrity Press specializes in clean, wholesome, and uplifting books, and Faith-Driven Book Production Service is no different. If your manuscript contains no cursing or foul language, no gratuitous sex, and nothing that would be contrary to a Christian lifestyle, Faith-Driven might be the perfect outlet for your publication goals.