Brilliant writing, especially for teens and twenty-somethings. Enjoy contemporary coming-of-age stories, romance, action, adventure, suspense, fantasy, and dystopians with hope. Our award-winning authors reveal extraordinary imaginations!

Emerged Books

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Bird Face Series


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Dealing with issues that affect many young adults in high school, this coming-of-age story encourages acting in faith even when mistakes are made.

The Rogues


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In the year 2149, revolutions run on sacrifice ... and blood. A young woman attempts to right a tragic mistake only to find herself in ultimate peril. 

An award-winning dystopian series with hope.

Middle Grade Books

Laramie on the Lam

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A middle-grade reader that delights all ages. Set in Louisiana during the roaring, bootlegging 1920s, a young boy must find the courage to admit the truth in hopes of saving his father and protecting his family. 

Young Laramie Wyoming had no idea that when he held the door to the bank open for the older man, he was assisting in a bank robbery, but when he found the loot among his own possessions, he knew he was in trouble. And trouble has a way of following you, even all the way across the country!

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