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Brilliant writing, especially for teens and twenty-somethings. Enjoy contemporary coming-of-age stories, romance, action, adventure, suspense, fantasy, and dystopians with hope. Our award-winning authors reveal extraordinary imaginations!

Emerged Books

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The Rogues


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In the year 2149, revolutions run on sacrifice ... and blood. A young woman attempts to right a tragic mistake only to find herself in ultimate peril. 

An award-winning dystopian series with hope.

A middle-grade reader that delights all ages. Set in Louisiana during the roaring, bootlegging 1920s, a young boy must find the courage to admit the truth in hopes of saving his father and protecting his family. 

Bird Face Series


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Dealing with issues that affect many young adults in high school, this coming-of-age story encourages acting in faith even when mistakes are made.

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