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Kristen Hogrefe


Kristen Hogrefe is a multi-published novelist and teacher who challenges young adults and the young at heart to think truthfully and live daringly.

Her publishing journey began in 2010 with the first book in her young adult (YA) suspense trilogy Wings of the Dawn. In 2016, she contracted with Write Integrity Press for a new YA dystopian trilogy: The Rogues.

Kristen also has the heart of an educator and mentor. She teaches secondary language arts for Alpha Omega Academy and served in youth ministry for many years. Through Word Weavers International, she encourages aspiring writers and acts as president for an online writing group. She enjoys speaking events that allow her to connect with readers and other writers.

A lifelong Florida resident, Kristen loves adventuring outdoors and running with friends. Connect with her online at . She is also active on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram .

Kristen talks elements of YA writing on

Publishing Laine Radio Show

(Along Comes a Writer Network). June, 2017

What readers are saying about this series:

“Hogrefe builds a future world of adventure, chaos, and mystery but ties it back to the true history of the American

dream, drawing in the reader to share Portia’s quest.”

  • Joe Bakker, Alpha Omega Academy Principal

The Revisionary is a dystopian with heart. Set in a time when the government uses ignorance to keep its populace under control, Portia is determined to learn the truth—for her brother and her country. Her fierce determination is a timely reminder that some things are worth fighting for, especially love, truth, and freedom.

  • Ashley Jones,


The Revisionary offers a brilliant exploration of what could be without freedom of speech, expression, ideas, etc., and the role technology could play in the loss of those freedoms. Set in the near future, the world of Portia Abernathy is intriguing, wonderfully easy to lose yourself in, and reminiscent of those found in the popular Hunger Games and Divergent trilogies. Must read for young and young-at-heart adults alike!

  • Jordan,


Oppression and rebellion are mixed with patriotism and honor in this unique dystopia. As a fan of The Giver, The Hunger Games, and Bryan Davis' Reapers, I felt at home in this new world. The suspense and unexpected twists made me keep turning the pages, desperate to find out what was going to happen to poor Portia. The Revisionary has earned its place with other popular young adult dystopian books.

  • Cadi Murphy

Winner 2018 Selah

for Speculative Fiction

Winner 2018 Selah

Director's Choice

for Young Adult Fiction

2017 Grace

Awards Finalist

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