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Breaking Point

Heath's Point Suspense by Marji Laine

Something About Her Isn’t As It Seems

Organized, predictable, routine. Alynne Stone’s life is planned out and pedestrian… so why is someone attempting to kill her?

Her father’s death had nothing to do with her. So why is she suddenly having these “accidents”? And how can she stay and support her mom when someone is intent on eliminating her?

Police Lieutenant Jason Danvers is convinced that Ellis Stone’s tragic death was the result of murder. And attempts on Alynne’s life must be somehow connected. Still dealing with the pain over the loss of his own wife, he can’t allow some innocent woman to die on his watch. Especially one as scintillating as Alynne Stone.

Even a small-town killer is driven to correct and complete his task. No matter the circumstances.

Breaking Point
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