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Fallen Leaf

Relatively Seeking Mysteries by Julie B Cosgrove

A DNA shocker.

Can Jessica prove the father she’s never known is innocent of a thirty-year-old murder?

It must be a mistake. When a DNA kit reveals the blond, blue-eyed Jessica Warren is half Cherokee, she confronts her adoptive parents who have always been tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding her infancy. Reluctantly, they hand over her adoption certificate along with a letter written long ago by her biological mother about her father — in prison on a murder charge!

Jessica and her best friends, Bailey and Shannon, head for Oklahoma to locate her birth mother, seek the truth about her heritage, and discern if her father is as innocent as he claims. In the process of trying to prove he was wrongly imprisoned, the three women uncover a thirty-year-old mystery some powerful people never wanted revealed. Can Jessica trust a handsome, young district attorney from Tulsa to help her discern the truth, or does he have an agenda of his own?

As Jessica chases down the past and digs into the real reason she was put up for adoption, she soon learns the sins of the fathers really can be visited upon their children, just as the Bible states.

The father she’s never met wants Jessica to prove his innocence.

Fallen Leaf
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