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Imperfect Trust

Imperfect Series by Elizabeth Noyes

Sometimes past and present collide.

Scarred by childhood tragedy and then abandoned by a mother who couldn’t handle a gifted child, Lucy Kiddron survived foster care to become a computer analyst for the government. Three years later, she’s poised to leave the agency and launch her own video game … until her final assignment goes

horribly wrong.

Wade Cameron understands betrayal. His ex-fiancé sold him out and now he’s neck deep in computer code, trying to find the back door she inserted. Worse, a smart-mouthed computer hacker has just flipped his world upside down.

A terrorist wants Wade’s computer program. A psycho killer wants Lucy’s life. And then the stakes are raised when a

sniper takes aim. But who’s the target—Wade or Lucy? The two risk everything as they muddle through a minefield of danger, distrust, and a burgeoning attraction that won’t be denied.

Imperfect Trust
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