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Word Has It

Wordplay Mysteries by Julie B Cosgrove

She wants to help her nephew, the cop.

She needs to restore her reputation.

And she had better watch out!

Wanda Warner enjoys having her nephew back home and their regular games of Scrabble on Thursday mornings, his day off from his new position at the Scrub Oak Police Department. While she would never consider herself a gossip, their chats help her keep tabs on her small Texas town. But then strange words like perp, jewels, escape, and lying show up in their game. And then Wanda learns of the possibility of jewel thieves in the vicinity.

Even though her nephew reminds her that her meddling has gotten her into trouble before, Wanda persuades her friends to help her investigate. It’s the neighborly thing to do, right?

Until someone is shot . . .

Word Has It
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