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Ruth - Redeeming the Darkness

by Andrea Thom
ta hrbs1 Ruth.jpg
Can God be kind and all-powerful when the world is filled with despair?


An in-depth, gospel-centered Bible study on how Christ redeems even the worst forms of darkness lurking within and around us.


Have you ever felt like God has left you? Struggled with feelings of bitterness or doubt? Hopelessness? Ruth’s message is not presented as a five-point sermon but as a spectacular, romantic drama. Its story woos us into relationship with its characters and storyline, yet is also true, living history. This workbook-style Bible study approach tackles important life topics including fractured relationships, all-in Christianity, God`s faithful devotion, and rightly processing bitterness and doubt.

Ruth is unlike any other book of the Bible because words like love story and theatrical are accurate descriptors of its text alongside being historical, and gospel-centered. She’s small enough in her four chapters to rest as a cute hardback on your coffee table, yet profound enough to explode hope and redemption into your darkest pain and everyday frustrations. It is not only magnificent because of its breath-taking storyline between a man and a woman, but because God sovereignly orchestrated and sealed it within the scriptural canon so that we can experience Him as the ultimate lover of our souls. Ultimately, Ruth conveys the love story of Christ coming to redeem His people. Christ is coming for you.

The host has ripped your ticket for Ruth’s next performance and you’ll be sitting front row center as His guest of honor. Come expectantly and settle into your seat prayerfully.


The orchestra is cued, and the curtain is pulling back for Act 1 …

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