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Study Guide on Prayer

by Shirley Crowder

Companion to Prayer It's Not About You

The Study Guide on Prayer is designed to help you study, individually or in a group setting, the book, Prayer: It’s Not About You by Harriet E. Michael. As you work your way through this study guide, you will read Prayer: It’s Not About You, chapter by chapter. Then you will be guided to interact with the teachings, principles, and practices contained in Scripture and Prayer: It’s Not About You.

It is the author's prayer that as you work this Study Guide on Prayer, you will gain knowledge and a better understanding of prayer. This knowledge and understanding, through the work of the Holy Spirit, will lead you to incorporate the teachings, principles, and practices in the book into your prayer life so that as your passion to pray increases, it will result in a strengthened relationship with God the Father, through Jesus Christ His Son.

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