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Welcome to our new release:

All I Want For Christmas

by Fay Lamb

(Put the puzzle together to see the cover!)

A wedding headed for disaster,
A crime syndicate bent on destruction,
And a bunch of hungry alligators.

Knee deep in preparation for her best friend’s Christmas wedding, Abigail Brewster reels when her estranged younger sister returns to Mullet Harbor. She brings secrets, intrigue, and trouble along with her—a crime syndicate set on goals that would destroy the harbor. And Abigail is in the middle of their scheme.

Remy Arneaux doesn’t understand the reason for Susan Brewster’s return, and maybe that’s due to the brain fog from his concussion. But he does know enough not to trust her and not to let her near Abigail. The self-centered woman would only hurt her . . . again. Abigail has had enough pain, even from him. Still, he made a promise to escort someone else to the wedding. And with the promise is a secret that begins to rip his relationship with Abigail apart.

According to Mayor Herb’s edict, nothing is allowed to mar this occasion for his only granddaughter. Not heartbreak, not tirades from a spoiled young woman, and not threats from organized crime.

But what about their attempts to make good on their threats . . .

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In the midst of winter struggles and

preparation for the changes to come, 
we all need


Clean         -         Wholesome         -         Uplifting 
About Write Integrity Press

There are millions of books, but those which are clean, wholesome, and uplifting are often hard to find. Even within the realm of Christian books can there be "edgy" stories or non-fiction, heralding the need for "realism." For us, realism is readily available on every news station in heartbreaking regularity. There is certainly room for all sorts within our industry, but Write Integrity wants readers to have confidence in the books they read. Focused on the positive aspects of life, our authors support our standard with award-winning books: intriguing and heartwarming fiction, often with a thread of Christian faith involved, as well as challenging and encouraging devotions and Christian living non-fiction. 

Our Imprints

Action and peril drive this section of our company. With or without clean romance, find twisted mysteries and gripping suspense.

This has the best in heartwarming fiction and clean romance. Always inspiring, uplifting, and wholesome.

Our young adult and new adult collection includes light, clean romance, riveting action, and exciting allegorical fantasy.

Our Christian faith is truly entrusted to us to hold fast to it and share it with a hurting and broken world. The books in this group seek to encourage the body and disciple believers to focus on following our Savior's lead.

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Are you ready to get your book published?

Faith Driven Book Production Service was created especilly for those who have a book ready for publication. Whether you are wanting to learn aout the independent publishing industry or you have a book you want to hold in your hands and put into the hands of others, we can help you with: 

  • developmental editing

  • copyediting

  • proofreading

  • formatting

  • cover design

  • coaching to create your Kindle Direct Publishing account

             and submit your book for publication.​

Learn more about book production.

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